Clerics in Church and Society up to 700

Warsaw, 26-27 April 2019

25 April 2019, Thursday (pre-conference event: Late Antique Seminar, Library of Papyrology and Roman Law, Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28)

15.00–16.30 Nikolaos Karydis (University of Kent), From Ephesos to Constantinople: The Architectural Model of Justinian’s Church of the Holy Apostles

16.45–18.15 Caroline Humfress (University of St Andrews), Beyond Law and Empire? Reframing P. Petra IV.39

26 April 2019, Friday (Tyszkiewicz Palace, Krakowskie Przedmieście 32)

8.30–9.00 registration

9.00–9.15 a short introduction: Robert Wiśniewski (Uniwersytet Warszawski)

9.15–10.00 key-note lecture: Ewa Wipszycka (Uniwersytet Warszawski), Les Presbytres et les diacres devant l’autel dans les textes normatifs syriens (Ve–VIIe s.)

10.00–10.15 COFFEE BREAK

Session 1: Law and Discipline, 10.15–11.45

Chair: Caroline Humfress

  • Marzena Wojtczak (Uniwersytet Warszawski), Audientia sacerdotalis? – On the Legal Nature of Dispute Resolution by Ecclesiastics in Late Antiquity
  • Angela Zielinski Kinney (Universität Wien), The Puritanical Pedant at the Second Council of Tours (567)
  • Jakub Urbanik (Uniwersytet Warszawski), It Is Easier for a Camel… Emphyteusis and the Economy of Heaven and Earth

11.45–12.05 COFFEE BREAK

Session 2: Different Grades, Different Duties, 12.05–13.35

Chair: Joanna Wegner

  • András Handl (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven), Was Calixtus Deacon or Presbyter Prior to Becoming the Bishop of Rome?
  • Geoffrey Dunn (Australian Catholic University), The Roman Clergy in the Early Fifth Century: Roles and Relationships in Tension
  • Norman Underwood (New York University), Ordained Lawyers or Inquisitors? Defensores Ecclesiae and Deviance in Late Antiquity

13.35–15.00 LUNCH

Session 3: Clerics in their Communities (Africa and Italy), 15.00–16.30

Chair: Stanisław Adamiak

  • Eric Rebillard (Cornell University), The Role of Clerics in the African Martyr Stories
  • Uta Heil (Universität Wien), Does the Day of the Week Make a Difference? Some Observations on Presbyters at Work
  • Massimo Bidotti (Università della Calabria, MIUR), Clerics and Christian Society in Calabria between the 5th and 8th Century AD from the Sources of the Regesto Vaticano per La Calabria by Father Francesco Russo

16.30-16.50 COFFEE BREAK

Session 4: Clerics in their Communities (Gaul), 16.50–18.20

Chair: Robert Wiśniewski

  • Jerzy Szafranowski (Uniwersytet Warszawski), Jerome and a Monastic Reform of the Clergy
  • Carine van Rhijn (Universiteit Utrecht), Of Green Beans, Sick Sheep, Love-Letters and Good Ritual: Some Reflections on the Expertise of Local Priests in the Carolingian Period
  • Yaniv Fox (Universitat Bar-Ilan), Local Ties: Merovingian Priests in Their Communities


27 April 2019, Saturday (Tyszkiewicz Palace, Krakowskie Przedmieście 32)

Session 5: Ritual and Piety, 9.00–11.00

Chair: Yaniv Fox

  • Dominic Moreau (Université Lille), To Baptize: An Episcopal Prerogative in Late Antiquity?
  • Juliette Day (Helsingin Yliopisto), The Liturgical Duties of the Minor Orders in Some Early Medieval Sources
  • Giuseppe Perta (Università per Stranieri Dante Alighieri di Reggio Calabria), Towards Jerusalem. Clerics on the Move in the Early Middles Ages
  • Stanisław Adamiak (Uniwersytet Warszawski), Requirements and Impediments for Ordination

11.00–11.20 COFFEE BREAK

Session 6: Material dimension 11.20–12.50

Chair: Paweł Nowakowski

  • Paweł Traczykowski (Uniwersytet Papieski Jana Pawła II w Krakowie), Qui ecclesiae stipendiis subsistit ad lucra propria non anhelet (Gregory the Great, Ep. I, 42). The Upkeeping of the Clergy in the Letters of Gregory the Great
  • Canan Arıkan (Universität Wien), Building Activities and Self-Fashioning by Clerics in Early Byzantine Inscriptions
  • Bastiaan Waagmeester (Universität Tübingen), Dirty Parchment and Scribbled Notes. Identifying Books for Local Priests in the Ninth Century

12.50–13.10 concluding remarks


Organizers: Robert Wiśniewski, Stanisław Adamiak, Marta Szada, Jerzy Szafranowski